Thu, 17 Jan 2013 11:33

Discover The Very Best Of South African Films At This Exclusive Festival!

I love films. I always make a point of watching at least one film a day and when I have my weekends off, I try and cram in as many as possible.

When I was in South Africa recently on a work placement, I actually sneaked away from an especially boring conference to go and watch some films at the Sithengi Cinema Festival and saw some awesome films there. A girl who I have recently met through solteras Cuba was worried I would get fired!

But there were so many people there that no-one was going to notice that I was gone, so I was safe! I left a tape recorder at the conference just in case I missed anything interesting that I had to report back on, so I had all the bases covered.

Shirking work is one of the few things that I do very well, alongside watching lots and lots of films. So much so that the lady on solteras Cuba actually said I should put said abilities on my CV! A good idea!

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Sithengi Cinema Festival is located in Cape Town and it is an annual festival of South African and world film! Visit Sithengi Cinema Festival and have a good time!

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