Thu, 17 Jan 2013 11:48

The Best Festival Ever!

If there is one thing that I simply adore about the Cape Town, then it is the amazing Sithengi festival. It get even better and better with each year and the movies presented there are more and more interesting, controversial and challenging.

Therefore, it attracts all sorts of audience. So, on the last one, movies have attracted a lot of attention, naturally, but one of the very interesting and amazing facts was the audience itself.

A group of transvestites from the site got organized and came to this year's festival.  It was absolutely amazing. I don't know if it was more amazing to see them all there in person but the fact that this site got them so organized.

Believe me, after that thing, I got curious about myself and I got to like this Sithengi Cinema Festival even more because now my hopes are up that I'm going to see something this exciting every year. Even if I don't, I'll be just glad to enjoy the movies.

After all, that is why this great festival is here for. In any case, I'm thinking about becoming a regular!

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Sithengi Cinema Festival is located in Cape Town and it is an annual festival of South African and world film! Visit Sithengi Cinema Festival and have a good time!

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